Thursday, April 23

famous people have stylists, right?

Enter Lady Gaga and Fergie. I entirely borrowed these from tmz, which I had actually never heard of until today. (Yes, sometimes I do reside under a rock). So these umm outfits. Well.. 1) first and for most, no one can pull off those sun glasses. 2) only geisha can wear lipstick like that. ever. 3)I'm all about the new shapes that are creeping up and around fashion lately, but don't get me started on this dress. ick. 4) oh those shoes.. 5) Oh, and I didn't forget about the hat but in reality, I have no words. ( for once.) 1) I am all about the whole "distressed" "I don't care" ripped up jeans look. Heck, grab me a cheese grater (yup that's right, it works) and I'm down to try out this look out. But come on this looks like the work of Wolverine. 2) I am not a fan of people wearing things that are too tight. And by not a fan I mean hate. Hate. Why do that to yourself. 3) I love big sunglasses. Love them; however, I don't feel as though face wind shields are yet (or will they ever be) acceptable. ..okay I sound like a big enough jerk that I don't need to continue with that little rant. I think you get it, and I'm sure add a few comments of your own. (Or I am way out of line, and these ladies no whats up and are killing it. Everything is subjective). Ultimately I hope I don't see any close friends rocking any of the above mentioned shades, m.


  1. some stylists get paid too much.. Sometimes i just think they do it to get a good laugh.. Cause they know dumbass celebrities ACTUALLY believe that the shit that they are dressed in is rad. which.. ITS NOT.
    wtf hey.. geisha lips... LOOK IN THE MIRROR.. how embarrassing