Tuesday, April 7

current wordbook.

I am currently visually prescribing myself to I have heard some interesting things and decided to check it out. Maybe by the time I am done I will be able to exactly pinpoint who started the not-bathing-dirty-grunge-snowboard look that all the bros have seem to so lovingly embraced. ch! Ahhha...right; either way, I love starting a new book. editors note: the dirty grunge snowboard look is not to be confused with the chic high fashion grunge look-the biggest difference seemingly to be the use of: Crazy. (However, I must add that I love the fashion look, and no matter the amount of dirt and grease, the guys are still awesome- even when their hair becomes so greasy that they are able to show off their self-fabricating dread, and introduce it by no less then its first name). all love, no hate, m.

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