Saturday, March 28

words of the day.

Recessionitis noun: the new disease. Much like chronic bronchitis that can take months, even years to go away. The new excuse to not do anything. This is the act of excluding yourself from social activities because you simply just can't afford it.
Amber: Hey are you coming out to the bar tonight? Amy: Ahh man I wish I could... but I have a really bad case of recessionitis. see also: Recessionista Recessionista noun: person who is able to remain stylish during times of economic hardship. A recessionista can shop on a limited budget and still manage to be up to date on the most current fashions. A recessionista does not let a bad economy, inflation, or a strong recession damage his or her wardrobe and opts to search for sales and shop at thrifty discount stores instead.
Josh: Damn, she's a can she afford all that since losin' her job? Jake: She a big time recessionista bro.

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