Friday, March 6

Today I learned that...

a) there are portable Tim Hortons stores. The "locations" take on the form of an 18 wheeler. So weird. 
b)There is a solid tie between Ben and Jerry's Banana Split (banana & strawberry ice cream with walnuts, fudge chunks, a fudge swirl), and half baked (chocolate & vanilla ice cream mixed with chunks of fudge brownies and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough). well, discrimination is bad. 
c) I like shoes; possibly too much. 
d) There's a new UGK album coming out on the 31st. ch. - ha. 
e) deep fried ice cream. all i can say is do it. 
f) guys are stoked for the month of April, because of that one overly warm day- the one when girls simultaneously decide to wear a skirt. 

Big day. m.

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