Monday, March 16


If you think you are having a bad day, or you are a university student looking for a new means of procrastination (because it seems to be a mutual consensus that this new-facebook-business sucks) you should probably check out this website. It is a collection of short day-to-day life anecdotes. In one post a vistor can sum up an unfrotunate event that ruined their day. Posts generally start with "Today..." and end with "FML." For example; "Today, I checked my Facebook to find I had been tagged in a bunch of photos from a party I had attended last night. On each picture I had a comment from my mom saying, "You're grounded." FML" and "Today, I went to my friends house when his parents were out to smoke weed. 45 minutes into smoking, his parents called to say they'd be home 5 minutes. We sprayed the house with Lysol and Frebreeze to mask the smell. We were high and in a rush; it was bug spray and shaving cream. FML" I hate mistaking bug spray for Febreeze. Real talk. m.

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