Saturday, February 14

treasure hunt?

A good friend of mine recently entered the realm of 'real people'- aka she got a grown up job. She is working for a marketing firm, got hooked up with an iPhone & a macbook pro, and works a legitimate 8-5, Monday-Friday work week; in other words she's doing big things. Anyway, she introduced me to one of her company's pet projects- geocaching.
Wtf is that, right?
Well apparently there is a world wide treasure hunt going on that I had never heard of. Anyone and everyone is welcome to play- all you need is a GPS, some coordinates, and this site.
A geocacher can place a geocache in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's hiding spot online. Then someone else gets to try and find it! Random, but could prove to be an entertaining alternative to the ever popular facebook/blog-creeping- laptop-party. (Which is exactly what the company is trying to do- get people outside and active). So maybe its time to dress up like pirates and get treasure hunting.

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